We are pleased to welcome in Compiègne both  the 2nd Workshop on Uncertainty in Machine Learning, as well as the 10th Workshop on Principles and Methods of Statistical Inference with Interval (and more generally imprecise) Probability (WPMSIIP) in collaboration with the WPMSIIP work group, from the 11 to 15 September 2017. It will be held in the research centre of Compiègne, in France. This workshop is a follow-up to six earlier WPMSIIPs held in Durham (2008, 2010,2016), Ghent (2014), Ljubljana (2011), Munich (2009, 2012,2015) and Lugano (2013).

The major aim of the workshop is to stimulate discussion on ongoing research, very recent developments and challenging open problems. Each day will consist of presentations covering a specific topic, while also leaving ample time for discussion.

Registration and participation

Everyone (PhD students as well as senior researchers) is welcome to participate and/or to present their views on one or more of the covered topics, on one or more days! We welcome any stimulating contribution, ranging from a presentation to a short informal statement. Following the tradition of previous WPMSIIP’s and of the previous WUML, there is no registration fee.

In the spirit of WPMSIIP and WUML, presentations should focus on:

  • On-going and unfinished works, that still have some open issues. The presentation should focus on these open issues.
  • Open question about which you would like to have feedbacks or discussion. They can be supported by small examples illustrating the issue.
  • Modelling issues for some practical problems you are currently working on.

Presentations about complete, mature work should be avoided. All participants are welcomed to propose presentation at any time, including and especially during the workshop.

Local Organization committee
  • Sébastien Destercke
  • Vu-Linh Nguyen
  • Mylène Masson
  • Benjamin Quost

You can easily contact us through this page, or directly someone from the organization committee