The programme will include a set of selected topics, each organised by one or multiple researchers. The exact schedule will be announced later on, but you can already consult the different existing topics and, if you wish to contribute, contact either the topic or the WUML/WPMSIIP organizers.

The Social event (visit to Chantilly Castle followed by a local brewery visit) will be on Thursday afternoon. We will depart from Compiegne at 13h30.

Topic 1 (Probably Tuesday): Stochastic process and graphical models – Current organizer(s): Jasper de Bock

  • Matthias Troffaes: computational aspects of discrete time imprecise Markov chains (50% certainty)

Topic 2 (Probably Monday): Statistical Learning/Machine Learning – Current organizer(s): Cassio de Campos

  • Sébastien Destercke: some issues in structured predictions (20 minutes)

Topic 3 (Probably Wednesday): Simulation, computation and application – Current organizer(s): Matthias Troffaes

  • Matthias Troffaes: some results on imprecise importance sampling

Topic 4 (Probably Wednesday):  Foundations and mathematics of IP – Current organizer(s): Enrique Miranda and Ignacio Montes

  •   Sébastien Destercke: coherence of comparative assessments (10 minutes)

Topic 5 (Probably Thursday): Optimisation and practical decision making – Current organizer(s): Frederic Pichon and Sébastien Destercke

  • Sébastien Destercke: imprecise prediction on a budget (5 minutes)

Open topics (Probably Friday) – Current organizers: Sébastien Destercke

Topics of interest without identified organizer/leader (yet):

  • IP and related theories, links between uncertainty theories
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Elicitation
  • Decision theory